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Fairfax will have the right to nominate two directors to the board of Mosaic. Paul get small business startup loan Rivett , President of Fairfax, will be appointed as a director of Mosaic at closing of the Fairfax Financing which is expected to occur in late January 2017 . "We are excited to partner with John Mackay , Harold Kunik and Mark Gardhouse and their team through a direct investment in Mosaic" said Paul Rivett , President of Fairfax. "John and Harold have a long track record of successfully applying value investing principles to acquire majority positions in strong cash flow producing small and medium sized businesses. They have been successfully applying a decentralized approach that ensures the management remains invested and operating on a day-to-day basis. Over time, some of these investments are expected to grow to a size where they may need additional capital from Fairfax. Fairfax often receives opportunities that are difficult to act on because of their smaller size which may be of interest to Mosaic. We look forward to having a partner whose expertise and experience in mid-market private equity acquisitions over the last decade can be combined with our flow of opportunities." John Mackay , Executive Chairman of Mosaic, added "It is great to have a partner that shares our long term, value oriented approach to investing. We also expect to benefit from the vast experience and investment knowledge of Prem Watsa , Fairfax's Chairman, and the entire team at Fairfax." "We are very pleased to have Fairfax as a key partner in our business," said Mark Gardhouse CEO of Mosaic. "Fairfax is one of the best capital allocators in North America and we look forward to working with them. Fairfax is providing Mosaic with a significantly reduced cost of capital which positively impacts our sustainable cash flow.

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